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Private Group Tours

Travel African style - with family, friends, and clients with our private group tour option. 

Complete with a dedicated Tour Manager and Driver, as well as destination expertise and local knowledge - discover Africa with ease and with every detail taken care of. 




'Journey to

Mama Africa' w/Angela

October 2021   COMPLETE! 

Women at Independence Sq.jpg

'Her Majesty...

Africa' w/Robin

July 2022         COMPLETE!

Portrait from behind of young woman doing yoga exercise on seaside.jpg

'Yoga: Motherland Edition' w/Jasmine' 

November 2022        COMPLETE!


'Liberated Yoga Retreat w/Christa Janine'

June 2023


'Tanzanian Adventure with Robin T.'

October 2023


'Crockett Family Ghana Tour'

July 2024

4 glasses.jpg

'The Fabulous Four - Frolicking in Ghana'

May 2022    COMPLETE!

The Year of Jubilee.jpg

Allecram Adventures: The Year of Jubilee w/Cella C.

October 2022        COMPLETE!

SSF Ghana 2020 Graphic (1).png

'Sistah Scifi Travels: Afrofuturism Voyage to Ghana'

December 2022      COMPLETE!


'Kim's Motherland birthday bash'

July 2023

Women at Independence Sq.jpg

'Journey to Ghana pt 2 w/Robin T. '

November 2023


'Authentically Africa w/Justin'

July 2024


'Dotson Family
Adventure: Ghana edition 

April 2022     COMPLETE!

African Keyholders in Tamale, Ghana.jpg

Africa: Part 2' w/Justin

August 2022       COMPLETE!

African Keyholders in Tamale, Ghana.jpg

Africa' w/Justin

Holiday Edition

January 2023       COMPLETE!

African Keyholders in Tamale, Ghana.jpg

Africa' w/Justin

Summer edition

July/Aug 2023


'Journey to
Ghana' w/Angela

April 2024

Women at Independence Sq.jpg

'Mai's December in Ghana'

December 2024

Birds sing not because they have answers but because they have songs. ~African proverb
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