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Private Group Tours

Travel African style - with family, friends, and clients with our private group tour option. 

Complete with a dedicated Tour Manager and Driver, as well as destination expertise and local knowledge - discover Africa with ease and with every detail taken care of. 




'Journey to

Mama Africa' w/Angela

October 2021   COMPLETE! 

Women at Independence Sq.jpg

'Her Majesty...

Africa' w/Robin

July 2022         COMPLETE!

Portrait from behind of young woman doing yoga exercise on seaside.jpg

'Yoga: Motherland Edition' w/Jasmine' 

November 2022        COMPLETE!


'Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar w/Angela

April 2023


'Kim's Motherland birthday bash'

July 2023

Women at Independence Sq.jpg

'Journey to Ghana pt 2 w/Robin T. '

November 2023

4 glasses.jpg

'The Fabulous Four - Frolicking in Ghana'

May 2022    COMPLETE!

The Year of Jubilee.jpg

Allecram Adventures: The Year of Jubilee w/Cella C.

October 2022        COMPLETE!

SSF Ghana 2020 Graphic (1).png

'Sistah Scifi Travels: Afrofuturism Voyage to Ghana'

December 2022      COMPLETE!


'Liberated Yoga Retreat w/Christa Janine'

June 2023

African Keyholders in Tamale, Ghana.jpg

Africa' w/Justin

Summer edition

July/Aug 2023


'Journey to
Ghana' w/Angela

April 2024


'Dotson Family
Adventure: Ghana edition 

April 2022     COMPLETE!

African Keyholders in Tamale, Ghana.jpg

Africa: Part 2' w/Justin

August 2022       COMPLETE!

African Keyholders in Tamale, Ghana.jpg

Africa' w/Justin

Holiday Edition

January 2023       COMPLETE!


'Ghana: The Summer of Love Tour' 

July 2023


'Tanzanian Adventure with Robin T.'

October 2023


'Crockett Family Ghana Tour'

July 2024

Birds sing not because they have answers but because they have songs. ~African proverb
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