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My journey to Africa began early.

As a Ghanaian raised in the US by parents who immigrated from Ghana in the 70s, my family and I would travel 'home' to Ghana as soon as school closed their doors for the summer. In Ghana, I loved spending time with my extended family and relished in the communal living! My cousins and I would spend countless hours playing and exploring the city and countryside. I also marvelled that everywhere I turned everyone - from the police officers to the doctors even the people on the currency - looked like me!   

Coming back to the US, I wondered why the Africa I saw on tv was not wholly reflective of what I would see when I was visiting.  

In 2009, I took a group friends with me and seeing Ghana through their eyes helped me realize - in my own small way - I could help change the narrative so often portrayed of Africa. I had the great fortune to relocate to Ghana for work and travel throughout sub-Saharan Africa opening my eyes the majesty of the continent.


And so African Conversations and Connections Tours was launched.

African Conversations and Connections mission is to help tell the African story by providing safe, world class, and inclusive guided tours of what I like to term 'Black Africa' (sub-Saharan Africa).


Our goal is to allow you to experience Black Africa below the surface. Our curated tours are intimate by design – allowing you to immerse yourself in Africa’s people, history and culture.  

We are Black/Ghanaian-owned and operated and believe in patronizing as such. We support Black-owned businesses (accommodation, transportation, events and experiences) in Africa (and in the States!) - allowing you to have an authentic African experience while supporting the local economy.


 We invite you (and yours) to join us on this unforgettable journey as we

change Africa's narrative - one tour at a time.

In love & light,

 Akosua Awusi

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Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter  ~African Proverb
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