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The Jewel of Africa
  October 14 - October 23, 2023

African Conversations and Connections is an experience.


Join us for a 10 day/9 night culturally immersive trip to the jewel of Africa - Ghana.  


We take you beyond the average - uncovering the country's diverse beauty, complex history and dynamic future.


We'll start in Accra, immersing ourselves in the history of significant landmarks of West Africa. 

We'll take a ride on the Volta River before heading inland to the garden city of Kumasi - heart of the Asante Kingdom. We'll visit the famed Kente weavers and learn their proud history and resistance against British Colonial Rule.

You'll then embark on an emotion-laden tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Slave Castles and perform a remembrance ceremony for those who came before. 


For those brave enough - head 100 ft. into rainforest canopy and experience the unforgettable Kakum Rainforest - a dichotomy of thriving lush flora and fauna. 

We'll visit the noisy and busy open air markets, tranquil waterfalls and recharge each evening to Ghana's night life scene. 




- Premium Accommodation

- In-country transportation (including airport pick-up and drop-off)

- Daily Breakfast

- Double Occupancy

- Entrance to all national parks

- Complimentary massage at woman-owned spa

- Night at a luxurious River Resort

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Photo from Delia
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