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December 2019

 Afrobeats & Fashion enthusiasts only...

Join us for a 9 day/8 night experience filled with the latest music, glorious scenery and all the excitement that the Afrochella Fashion and Music Festival has to offer. Established in 2017 to showcase Africa's rich culture and arts to new audiences and described as the ultimate cultural event in West Africa - this trip is a must (for those that can keep up ;-) 


You'll spend your days immersing in various cultures, exploring beautiful beaches, wandering through the cities, towns and villages - exploring Ghana's rich past, enticing present and glimpsing her future.

Accra (5 nights) 

Arrive in Accra and orient yourself to the energy that is this dynamic city! You'll be visiting at the height of the tourist season with thousands of Ghanaian's visiting for the holidays hailing from countries from US to UK and Canada to France.

We'll visit historically significant sites by day and hang out at all the hot spots by night!

You'll get a crash course in bargaining (African print anyone?) at Makola's open air market and we'll visit historically significant sites such as the Kwame Nkrumah museum and Independence Square.

AFROCHELLA (December 28th)

You'll be up front and center at Afrochella all while grooving to the latest Afrobeats!  

Volta River (1 night)

After an action packed 5 days in Accra, we'll relax on the scenic Volta River in a local canoe.

Cape Coast (1 night)

We'll tour the emotion laden UNESCO slave castles of Cape Coast and walk its historic beach. After a remembrance ceremony we'll visit the rain forest canopy walkway at Kakum National Park and if your up for an adventure visit the crocodile ponds.

Accra (1 night)

We'll return to Accra to finish your last minute shopping and relax with a well earned spa visit. Before departure we'll reflect on our trip and receive a traditional blessing for a safe journey home.​

Price: $2,599/pp (flexible payment plans available) includes:

  • in-country transportation (including airport pickup/drop-off)

  • hand-picked lodging

  • food (breakfast and dinner)

  • activities


Good music goes with good food ~African Proverb
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